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Poem #48

Ionas propheta
written shorty before 1535-05-04 first edition 1577

Manuscript sources:
1copy in Latin, 16th-century or early 17th-century, B. Ossol., 168, f. 262r-262v
2copy in Latin, 16th-century, RA, Extranea IX Polen, vol. 147, f. 17v-18v
3copy in Latin, combination of the longer and shorter versions of the poem, contaminated by the numerous variants and omissions, 16th-century or early 17th-century, B. Ossol., 168, f. 257r-257v
4copy in Latin, 17th-century, B. Ossol., 334/II, p. 495r–496r
5copy in Latin, 17th-century, BG PAN, 724, f. 84r–85r
6copy in Latin, 16th-century, BJ, 6553, f. 427v
7copy in Latin, 16th-century, B. Ossol., 334/II, f. 502r
8copy in Latin, 17th-century, BG PAN, 821, f. 2r-v
9copy in Latin, 18th-century, BCz, 51 (TN)
10copy in German, translation, 17th-century, РГБ, Fonds 68, 341, f. 6v
11copy in German, translation, 17th-century, BG PAN, 725, f. 74a–b
12copy in German, translation, 17th-century, BG PAN, 831, f. flyleaf of front cover and page unnumbered (protective) recto before f. 1
13copy in German, translation, 17th-century, BG PAN, 838, f. 16
14copy in German, translation, 17th-century, BG PAN, 907, p. 70

Early printed source materials:
1ŁASICKI 1577 Posnania (Praedictio ruinae Gedani) p. p. [1] unnumbered after p. Cv (in extenso, shorter version)
2SAMOSTRZELICKI (Praedictio ruinae Gedani) p. I iii + 2 pages unnumbered (in extenso)
3FRIEDWALD 1579 (Vaticinium reverendissimi domini Johannis Dantisci Episcopi olim Varmiensis ad charam patriam regiam civitatem Gedanensem pie scriptum) p. A iii r-v (in extenso, shorter version)
4ŁASICKI 1579 (Ein Prophecey vom Untergang der Stat Dantzig vom Johanne Dantisco des Polnischen Königes Sigismundi Secretario der auch nachmals Bischoff zu Varmia gewesen im Jar Christi 1530 beschrieben) p. F iii + 2 p. unnumbered (German translation, shorter version)
5SCHRÖER p. A3 r (in extenso, shorter version)
6AURIMONTANUS 1638 p. a2v-a4r (in extenso)
7AURIMONTANUS 1649 p. A2[c]-C3 v (Polish translation, Hiacynt PRZETOCKI; in extenso)
8SCHUPP 1657 p. C ii v (excerpt, l. 1-16; excerpt in German translation, l. 1-16)
9SCHUPP 1701 p. 358 (excerpt)
10Nachricht (Vaticinium Ruituri Gedani) p. 3 (in extenso, shorter version)
11JANOCKI 1753 p. 73-74 (in extenso)
12DANTISCUS 1764 (Ionas propheta) p. 138-141 (in extenso)

1WISZNIEWSKI 1844 p. 246-248 (in extenso)
2SYROKOMLA (Polish translation, Władysław SYROKOMLA)
3KONDRATOWICZ 1872 (Jonasz prorok, o zniszczeniu Gdańska) No. 1, p. 335-338 (Polish translation, Władysław SYROKOMLA)
4KONDRATOWICZ 1875 p. 278-280 (Polish translation, Władysław SYROKOMLA)
5TOEPPEN 1881 (Vaticinium reverendissimi Dom. Johannis Dantisci, Episcopi olim Varmiensis, ad charam patriam, regiam civitatem Gedanensem, pie scriptum) Anhang I. Gedichte, No. 6, p. 368 (in extenso)
6DANTISCUS 1938 (Jonasz prorok) No. 14, p. 174-178 (Polish translation, Jan Michał HARHALA)
7Dantisci Carmina (Ionas propheta) No. 29, p. 162-165 (in extenso)
8NADOLSKI 1976 (Jonasz prorok, czyli przepowiednia upadku Gdańska) p. 83-85 (Polish translation, Jan Michał HARHALA)
9SKOLIMOWSKA 2016 Vaticinium (Ionas Propheta) p. 109-113 (in extenso, shorter version)
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