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Persons and institutions mentioned in texts

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A (fl. 1545)

Abshagen, Hans · See also → Franz, servant of Hans ABSHAGEN


Adler, Melchior

Adolf of Burgundy (dominus de Beveris, Lord of Beveren) (*1489 or 1490 – †1540)

Aichler, Stanisław (Stanislaus Glandinus) (*1520 – †1585)

Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach (Albrecht von Brandenburg) (*1490 – †1568)· See also → Claus, court saddler of Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach, → messenger of Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach, → Envoys of Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach, → Coiners of Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach

Albrecht II Alcibiades (of Brandenburg-Kulmbach, Albrecht von Hohenzollern Alkibiades) (*1522 – †1557)

Albrecht of Brandenburg (Albrecht von Hohenzollern) (*1490 – †1545)

Albrecht VII of Mecklenburg (*1486 – †1547)

Albrecht von Brandenburg see Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach

Albrecht von Hohenzollern see Albrecht of Brandenburg

Albrecht von Hohenzollern Alkibiades see Albrecht II Alcibiades

Albret · → Joanne d'Albret de Navarre

Alden, Felix von see Allen, Felix von

Alderete · → Diego GRACIÁN de Alderete

Allen, Bartolt von

Allen, Felix von (Felix von Alden, Feliks Mełdzyński, Felix Stang, Felix von Malden) (†ca. 1576)

Allen, Lukas von (Łukasz Mełdzyński, Lucas de Allis) (†1536)· See also

Allexwangen, Jacob Sr (*ca. 1485 – †1552)

Allexwangen, Martin (†after 1555)

Allis, Lucas de see Allen, Lukas von

Andrzej of Górka see Górka, Andrzej

Angermundt, Jorgen

Angli see English

Anna, wife of Mattis ELDITTEN

Anne Boleyn (*1507 – †1536)

Aquino · → Alfonso d' AVALOS d' Aquino

Aragon · → Catherine of Aragon

Archimontanus, Iacobus see Fürstenberger, Jakob

Arenberg · → Erard de la MARCK

ARMBOLST Jochenn, wife of (fl. 1548)

Armbolst, Jochenn · See also → wife of Jochenn ARMBOLST

Auria, Andrea see Doria, Andrea

Aurimontanus, Hieronimus Jr, son of Hieronymus AURIMONTANUS

Aurimontanus, Hieronymus (Hieronymus Cingularius, Hieronymus Gürtler von Wildenberg) (*1464 or 1465 – †1558)· See also → wife of Hieronymus AURIMONTANUS

Austria · → Elisabeth of Austria

Austria · → Georg of Austria

Austria · → Mary of Hungary

Austria · → Margaret of Austria

Avalos, Alfonso d' d' Aquino (*1502 – †1546)


Badenwerder, Jacob (†before 1534-07-11)

Baillieul, mother of Carolus de TAUTENBERG

Balinski, Blasius

BAND Martin, father of

BAND Martin, mother of

Band, Martin · See also → father of Martin BAND, → mother of Martin BAND

Barbara, wife of Wolfgang FOLDER

Barbara, daughter of Stanisław KOSTKA

Barbara, wife of Anthoni WERNER

Barbou, Jean see Barbous, Ioannes

Barbous, Ioannes (Jean Barbou)

Bardaun, Bartholomeus (†1541/1542)

Barten see Barthen, Jakob von

Bartenstein · → Theophilus of Bartenstein

Barthen, Jakob von (Warten, Barten) (*ca. 1505 – †ca. 1565)

Bartsch, Andreas

Bausen, Morten

Baysen, Georg von (Jerzy Bażyński) (*1469 – †1546)· See also → Krzysztof, notary of Georg von BAYSEN

Baysen, Johann von (Jan Bażyński) (†1548)

Bażyński, Jan see Baysen, Johann von

Bażyński, Jerzy see Baysen, Georg von

Behme, Barbara (†after 1550-02-07)

Behme, Peter (*ca. 1480 – †1539)

Behmer , Peter

Berger, Melchior

Beuthler, Barbara

Beveren · → Adolf of Burgundy

Beveris · → Adolf of Burgundy

Beweck (fl. 1542)

Beyer, Christoph (*1496 – †1553)

Bischoff, Walter

Bolcz, Wolfgang

BOMEMAN Merta, husband of

Bomeman, Merta · See also → husband of Merta BOMEMAN

Bona Sforza (*1494 – †1557)

Boner, Seweryn (*1486 – †1549)

Borek, Stanisław (*1474 – †1556)

Brand, Barthel (*ca. 1490 – †1549)

Brandenburg · → Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach

Brandenburg · → Albrecht of Brandenburg

Brandenburg · → Joachim II of Brandenburg Hector

Brandenburg · → Joachim I of Brandenburg Nestor

Brandenburg-Ansbach · → Johann Albrecht of Brandenburg-Ansbach

Brandenburg-Kulmbach · → Albrecht II Alcibiades

Brandes, Johann (*1503 – †1577)

Brandt, Petrus

Brasch, Marten

Brasch, Petrus

Braunsberg Citizens of

Braunsberg, Chapter

Braunsberg, Town Council

Brawchwicz, Valter

Breden, Johann (Hans Preden) (†after 1545)

Bremen, Town Council

Bremer, Hermann (*ca. 1490 – †1548-1549)

Brigitta, wife of Heinrich STEGMAN

Burgundy · → Adolf of Burgundy

BUSOW Lenard, wife of

Busow, Lenard (fl. 1544-1548)· See also → wife of Lenard BUSOW

Bydgoszcz · → Thomas of Bydgoszcz

Büttner, Hieronymus see Vietor, Hieronymus

Campe(n), Jacob see Kampe(n), Jacob

Campen, Jan van see Campensis, Ioannes

Campensis, Iacobus see Kampe(n), Jacob

Campensis, Ioannes (Jan van Campen, Ioannes de Campo) (*1491 – †1538)· See also → Leonardus, brother of Ioannes CAMPENSIS

Campo, Ioannes de see Campensis, Ioannes

Caspar, vicar priest in Wartenburg

Cat(h)o see Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet

Caterina, wife of Hans WINKELER

Catharina, wife of Herman PECKEN

Catherine of Aragon (*1485 – †1536)

Cema, Achacy see Zehmen, Achatius von

Cema, Fabian see Zehmen, Fabian von

Cema, Helena see Zehmen, Helene von

Cema, Krzysztof see Zehmen, Christoph von

Cema, Marcin see Zehmen, Martin von

Charles V of Habsburg (*1500 – †1558)

Chojeński, Jan (*1486 – †1538)

Christian II of Denmark see Christian II of Oldenburg

Christian II of Oldenburg (Christian II of Denmark) (*1481 – †1559)

Christian III of Oldenburg (*1503 – †1559)· See also → Envoys of Christian III of Oldenburg, → envoys of Christian III of Oldenburg


Christina of Denmark (Christina von Oldenburg) (*1521 – †1590)

Christina von Oldenburg see Christina of Denmark

Christoph von Württemberg (*1515 – †1568)

Cingularius, Hieronymus see Aurimontanus, Hieronymus


Cirksena, Enno II (*1505 – †1540)

Cirliński, Grzegorz

Clement VII (Giulio de' Medici) (*1478 – †1534)

Clementh, Georgius a see Plemięcki, Jerzy

Cleves · → Wilhelm V Der Reiche

Conike, Thomas

Conopat · → Jan KONOPACKI Jr

Conopat · → Jan KONOPACKI Sr

Constellatus, cf. HE, No. 148, p. 150, footnote No. 12 see Werden, Johann von

Cortés, Hernán de Monroy e Pizarro (*1485 – †1547)

Cracow, Town Council

Cricius, Andreas see Krzycki, Andrzej

Cromen, Ioannes (†before 1541-07-14)

Cromerus, Martinus see Kromer, Marcin

Cronberg, Walther von (*1479 – †1543)· See also → envoys of Walther von CRONBERG

Cuon, Albrecht (Kohn) (†after 1559)

Cuppenerius see Kuppener, Christoph

Curiis, Georgius de see Höfen, Georg von

Curiis, Ioannes de see Dantiscus, Ioannes

Curiis, Ioannes de see Höfen, Johann von

Curiis, Laurentius a see Höfen, Lorenz von

Cypser, Stanisław (Stanisław Zipser) (*before 1489 – †1540)

Czeme, Achatius see Zehmen, Achatius von

Czeme, Christophorus a see Zehmen, Christoph von

Czerna, Hanna (Hanna of Witowice, Hanna Schwarzenberg) (†after 1547)

d' Arenberg see Marck, Erard de la

Damerau, Fabian see Wojanowski, Fabian

Damerau, Michał see Wojanowski, Michał

Damerau, Wojciech see Wojanowski, Wojciech

Damitz, Gunter

Dancke, Andreas

Daniel, Hans

Dantisca, Juana (*1527 – †1601)

Dantiscus, Ioannes (Johannes von Höfen, Ioannes de Curiis, Jan Dantyszek, Johannes Flachsbinder) (*1485 – †1548) passim · See also → Philippus, servant of Ioannes DANTISCUS, → dwarf bought by Ioannes Dantiscus as a gift for an unidentified person, → Prospera, paramour of Ioannes DANTISCUS, → Lyncken, paramour of Ioannes DANTISCUS, → Stenczell, servant of Ioannes DANTISCUS, → Mathis, secretary of Ioannes DANTISCUS, , → Vitus, servant of Ioannes DANTISCUS, → servant of Ioannes DANTISCUS; from Sweden, → trumpeter of Ioannes DANTISCUS, , → Commissioner to Ioannes DANTISCUS, → Chaplain to Ioannes DANTISCUS, → cook of Ioannes DANTISCUS, → Stach, → TRIEST, servant of Ioannes DANTISCUS, → messenger of Ioannes DANTISCUS

Dantyszek, Jan see Dantiscus, Ioannes

De Dobbele, Cornelis see De Schepper, Cornelis

De Schepper, Cornelis (Cornelius Scepperus, Cornelis De Dobbele, Cornelius Duplicius) (*1503 – †1555)· See also → Ioannes, servant of Cornelis DE SCHEPPER, , → Half-brother of Cornelis DE SCHEPPER; son of Gislena de CHIVOIRE

Decius, Iacobus Ludovicus (Jakob Ludwig Dietz, Jakub Ludwik Decjusz) (†after 1557)

Decius, Iodocus see Decius, Iustus Ludovicus

Decius, Iustus Ludovicus (Justus Ludwik Decjusz, Jost Ludwig Dietz, Iodocus Decius) (*ca. 1485 – †1545)· See also → daughter of Iustus Ludovicus DECIUS

Decjusz, Jakub Ludwik see Decius, Iacobus Ludovicus

Decjusz, Justus Ludwik see Decius, Iustus Ludovicus

Delgada, Isabel (†after 1546-06-15)

Denmark · → Christian II of Oldenburg

Denmark · → Dorothea of Denmark

Denmark · → Friedrich I of OLDENBURG

Denmark · → Christina of Denmark

Dieben, Anna von

Dieben, Cathrina von

Dieben, Melcher von

Dietz, Jakob Ludwig see Decius, Iacobus Ludovicus

Dietz, Jost Ludwig see Decius, Iustus Ludovicus

dominus de Beveris see Adolf of Burgundy

Donner, Georg (†1544)

Dordrecht Citizens of

Doria, Andrea (Andrea Auria, Andrea D' Oria) (*1466 – †1560)

Dornschwan, Marten

Dorothea, wife of Nicolaus NITSCH (†before 1547-08-23)

Dorothea of Denmark (*1520 – †1580)

Dorothea von Oldenburg (*1504 – †1547)

Dreszler see Tresler, Ioannes

Drzewicki, Maciej (*1467 – †1535)

Ducal Prussia Citizens of

Ducal Prussia council of

Ducal Prussia court of

Ducal Prussia, Assembly

Ducal Prussia, estates of

Ducal Prussia, government of

Dunin-Wolski, Paweł (Paweł Wolski) (†1546)

Duplicius, Cornelius see De Schepper, Cornelis

Dyelen, Asmus von der

Dziaduski, Jan (*1496 – †1559)

Dzialin, Nikolaus von see Działyński, Mikołaj

Działyński, Andrzej (†1547)

Działyński, Jan (*1510 – †1583)

Działyński, Michał (†1576)

Działyński, Mikołaj (Nikolaus von Dzialin) (†1545)· See also → Ursula, servant of Mikołaj DZIAŁYŃSKI

Działyński, Paweł (†1583)

Działyński, Piotr (†1545)

Działyński, Rafał (*1510 – †1572)

Dąbrowica · → Piotr FIRLEJ of Dąbrowica

Dąbrówka, Fabian of see Wojanowski, Fabian

Dąbrówka, Michał of see Wojanowski, Michał

Dąbrówka, Wojciech of see Wojanowski, Wojciech

Eblinger see Nebling, Georg von

Geldern, Karl von (*1467 – †1538)

Ehelich, Anthonius

Ehinger, Ulrich (*1485 – †1537)· See also → Daughter of Ulrich EHINGER

EISENBERG Georg, wife of

Eisenberg, Clement

Eisenberg, Georg (†before 1547-04-25)· See also → wife of Georg EISENBERG

Elbik, Jakob (Jacobus Elbingk)

Elbik, Jakob Jr

Elbing, Town Council

Elbingk, Jacobus see Elbik, Jakob

Elditer, Georg von see Elditten, Georg von

Elditten, Georg von (Georg von Elditer) (†1556)

Elditten, Mattis von · See also → Anna, wife of Mattis ELDITTEN

Elenborg, Elżbieta of

Elisabeth of Austria (Elizabeth von Habsburg) (*1526 – †1545)

Elizabeth von Habsburg see Elisabeth of Austria

Emmerich, Fabianus (*1477 – †1559)

English (Angli)

Erasmus of Rotterdam (Gerrit Gerritszoon, Geert Geerts, Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus) (*1466/1469 – †1536)

Ericii, Godscalcus see Ericksen, Godschalk

Ericius, Godscalcus see Ericksen, Godschalk

Ericksen, Godschalk (Godschalk Sassenkerle, Godscalcus Ericii, Godscalcus Ericius, Godscalcus Saxocarolus) (†1544)

Ericsson, Gustav see Gustav I Vasa

Ermland captains and burgraves of

Ermland inhabitants of

Ermland officials of

Ermland, Chapter · See also → subject of Ermland Chapter, → furrier, subject of Ermland Chapter, → envoy of Ermland Chapter

ERNST Simon, brother of

Ernst, Simon · See also → brother of Simon ERNST

Esens · → Balthasar OOMKENS von Esens

Estates of the Kingdom of Poland

Falcke, Dirrig

Falcke, Dirrig see Falcke, Dirrig

Falcke, Hermann


Falkenhain, Sebastian von

Farnese, Alessandro see Paul III

Fasolt, Paul (Paul Pasold, Paul Faszold, Paul Phassolth, Paul Vaschollt) (†after 1549-08-13)

Faszold, Paul see Fasolt, Paul

Feierabend, Ambrosius see Feyerobent, Ambrosius

Ferber, Constantinus see Ferber, Constantinus

Ferber, Jorgen

Ferber, Constantinus (*1520 – †1588)

Ferber, Mauritius (*1471 – †1537)

Ferdinand I of Habsburg (*1503 – †1564)

Feyerobent, Ambrosius (Ambrosius Feierabend) (*ca. 1490 – †after 1543)

Ficke, Lorencz

Fincke, Albrecht

FINGERHUT Mats, wife of

Fingerhut, Mats · See also → wife of Mats FINGERHUT

Firlej, Piotr of Dąbrowica (†1553)

Fischergeselle, Hans

Flachsbinder, Anna see Höfen, Anna von

Flachsbinder, Bernhard see Höfen, Bernhard von

Flachsbinder, Georg see Höfen, Georg von

Flachsbinder, Johannes see Dantiscus, Ioannes

Flachsbinder, Johannes see Höfen, Johann von

Flachsbinder, Ursula see Höfen, Ursula von

Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet (a Prato, de Prato, Lodewijk van Praet, Pratensis, Ludovicus a Flandria, Louis de Flandres Seigneur de Praet, Cat(h)o) (*1488 – †1555)

Flandres, Louis de Seigneur de Praet see Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet

Flandria, Ludovicus a see Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet

Fleÿscher, Michel

Folder, Wolfgang · See also , → Barbara, wife of Wolfgang FOLDER

France · → Henry II of Valois

Francesco II Sforza (*1495 – †1535)· See also

Francis I of Valois (*1494 – †1547)

Francis III of Valois (*1518 – †1536)

Franz, servant of Hans ABSHAGEN

frater Georgius see Utješenović, Georg

Fredewald, Adrian see Fridewalt, Adrianus

Fregoso, Cesare (*ca. 1500 – †1541)


Fribner, Caspar

Fridewalt, Adrianus (Adrian Fredewald) (†after 1550)

Friedewald, Nikolaus see Friedwald, Nikolaus

Friedrich I of Denmark see Friedrich I of Oldenburg

Friedrich I of Oldenburg (Friedrich I of Denmark) (*1471 – †1533)

Friedrich II of Wittelsbach der Weise (*1482 – †1556)

Friedrich III der Weise see Friedrich III von Wettin

Friedrich III von Wettin (Friedrich III der Weise) (*1463 – †1525)

Friedrich von der Ölsnitz (*1490 – †1553)

FRIEDWALD Nikolaus, daughter of

FRIEDWALD Nikolaus, mother of

FRIEDWALD Nikolaus, son of

Friedwald, Mauritius

Friedwald, Nikolaus (Nikolaus Friedewald) (†1549)· See also → son of Nikolaus FRIEDWALD, → mother of Nikolaus FRIEDWALD, → daughter of Nikolaus FRIEDWALD

Fryderyk II of Legnica see Fryderyk II Legnicki

Fugger, Anton (*1493 – †1560)

Fugger, Raymund

Fugger, Raymund see Fugger, Raymund

Fuggers · See also → factors of The FUGGERS, → banker of The FUGGERS

Fus, Ludike

Fürstenberger, Jakob (Iacobus Archimontanus)

Gadenhabe, Christoph see Gattenhofer, Christoph

Gamrat, Piotr (*1487 – †1545)

Gattenhofen, Christoph see Gattenhofer, Christoph

Gattenhofer, Christoph (Christoph Gadenhabe, Christoph Gattenhofen) (*1484 – †1537)

Gawartowa Wola · → Mikołaj WOLSKI

Gdańsk aldermen of

Gdańsk Citizens of

Gdańsk, Town Council · See also → Envoys of Gdańsk Town Council, → messenger of Gdańsk Town Council

Gdańsk, town court

Gebor, Dorota

Geerts, Geert see Erasmus of Rotterdam

Geldern, Karl von see Geldern, Karl von

Gelwalt, Georg

Georg of Austria (*1504 – †1557)

Georg of Saxony der Bärtige (Georg von Wettin) (*1471 – †1539)

Georg von Hohenzollern der Fromme (*1484 – †1543)

Georg von Konopat see Konopacki, Jerzy Sr

Georg von Konopat see Konopacki, Jerzy Jr

Georg von Wettin see Georg of Saxony der Bärtige

Gerke, Bartholomeus

Gerritszoon, Gerrit see Erasmus of Rotterdam

Giese, Georg (Jurgen Giese) (*1497 – †1562)

Giese, Jurgen see Giese, Georg

Giese, Tiedemann (Tidemannus Gisius) (*1480 – †1550)· See also → Severinus, messenger of Tiedemann GIESE, → subject of Tiedemann GIESE, → messenger of Tiedemann GIESE, → Commissioner to Tiedemann GIESE

Giese, Tiedemann (*1491 – †1556)

Gindlewski, Kilian

Girlach, Mathias

Gisius, Tidemannus see Giese, Tiedemann

Giulio de' Medici see Clement VII

Gla(u)saw, Ioannes see Glosow, Hans

Glandau, Michel

Glandinus, Stanislaus see Aichler, Stanisław

Glaser, Georg

Glaser, Paul

Glasnoczki, Jacob von Trosczin see Glasnotzky, Jakob

Glasnotzki, Iacobus de Trusczyn see Glasnotzky, Jakob

Glasnotzky, Jakob (Iacobus Glasnotzki de Trusczyn, Glasnowski, Jacob Glasnoczki von Trosczin) (†before 1539-06-09)

Glasnowski see Glasnotzky, Jakob

Glasnowski, Han(n)s (Hans Glasnowsky)

Glasnowsky, Hans see Glasnowski, Han(n)s

Glasow, Hans see Glosow, Hans

Glaubicz, Hans see Glaubitz, Hans

Glaubitz, Hans (Hans Glaubicz, Johann Glaubitz)

Glaubitz, Johann see Glaubitz, Hans

Glaubitz, Nickel see Glaubitz, Nicolaus

Glaubitz, Nicolaus (Nickel Glaubitz) (†ca. 1551)

Glosow, Hans (Hans Glasow, Ioannes Gla(u)saw) (fl. 1544-1548)

Golinski, Ioannes

Gostyński, Jan

Grabau · → Barthel SCHOLCZ of Grabau

Grabia, Mikołaj (*before 1500 – †1549)

Grabow, Achatius

Gracián, Diego de Alderete (*ca. 1494 – †1586)· See also → sister of Diego GRACIÁN de Alderete

Granvelle · → Nicolas PERRENOT de Granvelle

Graudenz Clergy of

Graudenz, Town Council

Griner, Simon see Grynaeus, Simon

Gros, Francz

Grynaeus, Simon (Simon Griner) (*1493 – †1541)

Gröbel, Christoff

Gröbel, Donathus

Gundelfinger, Joachim

Gustav I Vasa (Gustav Ericsson) (*1496 – †1560)

Gutslef, Kersten (Christianus a Gutsleff)· See also → servant of Kersten GUTSLEF

Gutsleff, Christianus a see Gutslef, Kersten

GUTTETER Friedrich, wife of

Gutteter, Friedrich (†1554)· See also → wife of Friedrich GUTTETER

Górka · → Andrzej GÓRKA

Górka · → Łukasz GÓRKA

Górka, Andrzej (Andrzej of Górka) (*ca. 1500 – †1551)

Górka, Łukasz (Łukasz of Górka) (*1482 – †1542)

Górski, Piotr (†1538-1540)

Gürtler, Hieronymus von Wildenberg see Aurimontanus, Hieronymus

Głuchowski, Łukasz

Głuchowski, Mikołaj

Habsburg · → Charles V of Habsburg

Habsburg · → Ferdinand I of Habsburg

Habsburg · → Maximilian I of Habsburg

Habsburg · → Elisabeth of Austria

Habsburg · → Mary of Hungary

Habsburg · → Margaret of Austria

HALLER Wolfgang von Hallerstein, Wife of

Haller, Jobst von Malmspach

Haller, Wolfgang (Wolf) von Hallerstein (*1492 – †1559)· See also → Wife of Wolfgang HALLER von Hallerstein

Hallerstein · → Wolfgang (Wolf) HALLER von Hallerstein

HANNAU Johann Sr, sister of

Hannau, Johann Jr (Johann Hannow, Ioannes Hannovius) (*ca. 1524 – †1575)

Hannau, Johann Sr · See also → sister of Johann HANNAU Sr

Hannau, Kaspar (Gasparus Hannovius, Kacper Hannow) (*1519 – †1571)

Hannau, Simon (Simon Hannow)· See also → Margaritha, wife of Simon HANNAU

Hannau, Valentin (Valentinus Hannovius)

Hannovius, Gasparus see Hannau, Kaspar

Hannovius, Ioannes see Hannau, Johann Jr

Hannovius, Valentinus see Hannau, Valentin

Hannow, Johann see Hannau, Johann Jr

Hannow, Kacper see Hannau, Kaspar

Hannow, Simon see Hannau, Simon

Hans, sołtys of Gogel (perhaps Gogolin)

Hans, Mattis

Harr, Absolonus

Hartowski, Jan see Höfen, Johann von

HASE Merten, wife of

Hass, Lucas

Hasse, Hans

Hayreddin Barbarossa (Khair al-Din) (*ca. 1478 – †1546)

Heckelmann, Erhard

Hefener, Hans (Hans Heffner)

Heffner, Hans see Hefener, Hans

Hegel, Georg (†1547)· See also → messenger of Georg HEGEL

Heilsberg Citizens of

Heilsberg, Town Council

Heilsberg, town court

Held, Mathias (†1563)


Helm, Lukas

Hemmerlein, Amandus

Hendrik III of Nassau-Breda (*1483 – †1538)· See also

Hennemann, Hans

Henningk, Wolfgang

Henry II of Valois (Henry of France) (*1519 – †1559)

Henry of France see Henry II of Valois

Henry VIII Tudor (*1491 – †1547)

Herberstein, Sigmund von (*1486 – †1566)

Herder, Mauritius

Herranth, Crispin (†1549)

Hesse · → Philip I of Hesse der Großmütige

Heyle see Heyll, Christoph

Heyll, Christoph (Heyle, Soter) (*1499 – †1585)

Hieronimus, scribe of Achatius von ZEHMEN (fl. 1534)

Hitfeld, Konrad (Konrad Hüttfeld) (†1551)

Hitfelt, Bastian

Hitfelt, Fabian

Hochenwalde · → Jorg RUNAW von Hochenwalde

Hochertz, Simon

Hoffman, Hans see Hoffman, Johann

Hoffman, Johann (Hans Hoffman) (†1557)

Hoffman, Vincent

HOFFMANN Heinrich, wife of

Hoffmann, Heinrich · See also → wife of Heinrich HOFFMANN

Hogenstein, Ambrosius

Hohenzollern · → Georg von Hohenzollern der Fromme

Hohenzollern · → Albrecht of Brandenburg

Hohenzollern · → Joachim II of Brandenburg Hector

Hohenzollern · → Wilhelm von Hohenzollern

Hohenzollern · → Albrecht II Alcibiades

Hohenzollern · → Joachim I of Brandenburg Nestor

Hohenzollern, Johann Albrecht von see Johann Albrecht of Brandenburg-Ansbach

Hohenzollern-Ansbach · → Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach

HOLSTEN Hans, father of

Holsten, Hans (†after 1548)· See also → father of Hans HOLSTEN

Holsten, Nicolaus

Holtzhausen, Caspar

Holy See (Sedes Apostolica)

Hosius, Stanislaus see Hozjusz, Stanisław

Hosz, Stanisław see Hozjusz, Stanisław

Hozjusz, Stanisław (Stanisław Hosz, Stanislaus Hosius) (*1504 – †1579)

HÖFEN Lorenz von, wife of

Hungarian estates


Hungary · → Mary of Hungary


Höfen, Anna von (Anna Reyneck, Anna Flachsbinder)

Höfen, Bernhard von (Bernhard Flachsbinder) (†after 1548)· See also

Höfen, Catherina von

Höfen, Georg von (Georg Flachsbinder, Georgius de Curiis) (†after 1550-02-07)

Höfen, Johann von (Jan Hartowski, Ioannes Varschoviensis, Ioannes de Curiis) (†after 1547-09-01)· See also → POPIELNIKOWA, mother of Johann von HÖFEN

Höfen, Johann von (Johannes Flachsbinder) (†1528)

Höfen, Johannes von see Dantiscus, Ioannes

Höfen, Lorenz von (Laurentius a Curiis) (fl. 1534)· See also → Dorothea, daughter of Lorenz von HÖFEN, → wife of Lorenz von HÖFEN

Höfen, Ursula von (Ursula Flachsbinder)

Höffner, Lukas

Hüttfeld, Konrad see Hitfeld, Konrad

Imperial Chamber Court (Iudicium Camerae Imperialis, Sąd Kameralny Rzeszy, Reichskammergericht)

Imperial Diet (Reichstag)· See also

Imperial Estates

Ioannes, organist and organ builder

Ioannes de Conopat see Konopacki, Jan Jr

Ioannes de Conopat see Konopacki, Jan Sr

Isabella of Portugal (*1503 – †1539)

Iscariot, Judas

Iskrzycki, Mikołaj (*ca. 1480 – †1540)

Iudicium Camerae Imperialis see Imperial Chamber Court

Ivan IV Vasilyevich the Terrible (*1530 – †1584)

Jadwiga (Hedwig) Jagiellon (*1513 – †1573)

Jagiellon · → Sigismund II Augustus Jagiellon

Jagiellon · → Sigismund I Jagiellon

Jagiellon · → Jadwiga (Hedwig) Jagiellon

Jagiellon · → Louis II Jagiellon

Jagiellonka · → Zofia Jagiellonka

JAGREUTER Gabriel, wife of

Jagreuter, Gabriel · See also → wife of Gabriel JAGREUTER

Jakubek (fl. 1545)

Jaroschin, Agnita

Jesus Christ see Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth (Jesus Christ)

Joachim I of Brandenburg Nestor (Joachim I von Hohenzollern) (*1484 – †1535)

Joachim I von Hohenzollern see Joachim I of Brandenburg Nestor

Joachim II of Brandenburg Hector (Joachim II von Hohenzollern) (*1505 – †1571)

Joachim II von Hohenzollern see Joachim II of Brandenburg Hector

Joanne d'Albret de Navarre (*1528 – †1572)

Johann Albrecht of Brandenburg-Ansbach (Johann Albrecht von Hohenzollern) (*1499 – †1550)

Johann Friedrich der Großmütige (Johann Friedrich von Wettin) (*1503 – †1554)

Johann Friedrich von Wettin see Johann Friedrich der Großmütige

Johann II of Montfort-Rothenfels (*ca. 1490 – †1547)· See also → wife of Johann II of Montfort-Rothenfels

Johann II of Montfort-Rothenfels, wife of

John II Sigismund Zápolya (János Zsigmond Szapolyai) (*1540 – †1571)

John Zápolya (János Szapolyai) (*1487 – †1540)

Jonas, Justus (*1493 – †1555)

Jorgen see Klingenbeck, Georg

Joseph, Albrecht

Juncker Baltzer see Oomkens, Balthasar von Esens

Justine (†1539)

János Szapolyai see John Zápolya

János Zsigmond Szapolyai see John II Sigismund Zápolya

Jülich-Berg · → Wilhelm V Der Reiche

Jülich-Cleves-Berg · → Wilhelm V Der Reiche

Kalecki, Maciej of Mąkolin (Maciej Kaliński) (*ca. 1498 – †1576)

Kaliński, Maciej see Kalecki, Maciej of Mąkolin

Kampe(n), Jacob (Jacob Campe(n), Iacobus Campensis)· See also → concubine of Jacob KAMPE(N), → wife of Jacob KAMPE(N)

Kampe(n), Jacob, concubine of

Kampe(n), Ursula, Kampe(n), Jacob, spurious daughter of

Karnkowski, Jan (*ca. 1472 – †1537)

Kartuzy Carthusian convent in · See also → prior of Carthusian convent in Kartuzy

Kaschuba · → Simon LASZECK Kaschuba


Katarina, Abbess of the Benedictine monastery in Kulm

Katherina, wife of Lucas van TELGHEN

Katzianer, Hans (*1490 – †1539)

Kempen, Eggert van (*1471 – †1557)

Kempsche, Barbara

Keting, Hans

Khair al-Din see Hayreddin Barbarossa

Kinwang, Georg


Klein Macz (Macz) (†before 1534-03-11)· See also → wife of Klein Macz,

Klein Macz, wife of

Klemme, Pancratius, Dominican monk (*ca. 1475 – †1546)

Klingenbeck, Georg (Jorgen)

Kmita, Piotr Sobieński (*1477 – †1553)

Kobersehe, Peter (†after 1546-05-07)

Koczer, Karl (Karl Kotzer, Karl Kuczer) (†1538)· See also → servant of Karl KOCZER

Kohn see Cuon, Albrecht

Kolben, Simon

Konarski, Krzysztof (*before 1526 – †ca. 1574)

Konopacka, Anna see Peckau, Anna

KONOPACKI Jerzy Sr, wife of

Konopacki, Jan Jr (Ioannes de Conopat) (†1535)

Konopacki, Jan Sr (Ioannes de Conopat) (†1530)

Konopacki, Jerzy Jr (Georg von Konopat) (†1566)

Konopacki, Jerzy Sr (Georg von Konopat) (*ca. 1480 – †1543)· See also , → wife of Jerzy KONOPACKI Sr

Konopacki, Rafał (Raphael von Konopat) (*ca. 1510 – †ca. 1570)

Konopat · → Jerzy KONOPACKI Sr

Konopat · → Rafał KONOPACKI

Konopat · → Jerzy KONOPACKI Jr

Kopzaw, Dignatz

KORCHE Antonius, father of

Korche, Antonius · See also → father of Antonius KORCHE

Kostka, Andrzej

Kostka, Stanisław (*1487 – †1555)· See also → Ludovicus, secretary of Stanisław KOSTKA, → messenger of Stanisław KOSTKA, → Barbara, daughter of Stanisław KOSTKA, → Servant of Stanisław KOSTKA

Kotzer, Karl see Koczer, Karl

Koye, Johann

Kościelecki, Jan (Janusz Kościelecki) (*ca. 1490 – †1545)

Kościelecki, Janusz see Kościelecki, Jan

Kraft, Barthel (Bartłomiej Kraft)

Kraft, Bartłomiej see Kraft, Barthel

Kranch, Hans (Jan Kranich) (†after 1565)

Kranich, Jan see Kranch, Hans

Krautsschult, Simon (fl. 1541)

Kreytzen, Christoph von (*1512 – †1578)

Kreytzen, Elisabeth von (*1509 – †ca. 1579)

Kreytzen, Hans von see Kreytzen, Johann von

Kreytzen, Johann von (Hans von Kreytzen) (*1516 – †1575)

Kreytzen, Melchior von (*ca. 1475 – †1557)

Kromer, Marcin (Martinus Cromerus) (*1512 – †1589)

Krziwkowszki, Andreas

Krzycki, Andrzej (Andreas Cricius) (*1482 – †1537)· See also → Philippus, scribe of Andrzej KRZYCKI

Kuchlinski, Stentzel

Kuczer, Karl see Koczer, Karl

KULKE Gabriel, wife of (†before 1547-12)

Kulke, Gabriel · See also → wife of Gabriel KULKE

Kulm Benedictine convent in

Kulm Land, nobility

Kulm owner of a horse mill in

Kulm, Chapter

Kulm, Town Council

Kunheim, Georg von (*1480 – †1543)

Kuppener, Christoph (Cuppenerius) (*ca. 1466 – †1511)

Kurtz, Joachim

Kyrsten, Mathias (Matz Kyrsten)

Kyrsten, Matz see Kyrsten, Mathias

Königsberg, Town Council

Lang, Ioannes see Langhannius, Ioannes

Lange, Jacob

Langerbein, Georg

Langhannigk, Jan see Langhannius, Ioannes

Langhannius, Ioannes (Jan Langhannigk, Ioannes Lang) (†1567)

Lasco, Hieronymus de see Łaski, Hieronim

Laszeck, Simon Kaschuba

Latalski, Jan (*1463 – †1540)

Latalski, Janusz (†1557)

Laurentius (Wawrzyniec)

LAUTENSCHLAGER Georg, mother in law of


Lautenschlager, Georg (†before 1550-03-31)· See also → wife of Georg LAUTENSCHLAGER, → mother in law of Georg LAUTENSCHLAGER

Legnica · → Fryderyk II LEGNICKI

Fryderyk II Legnicki (Fryderyk II of Legnica) (*1480 – †1547)

Lehmann, Iacobus

Lehmann, Johann (Jan Leoman) (*1520 – †1582)

Lehmann, Zacharias

Leipzig, Town Council

Leiva, Antonio de (Antonio de Leyva) (*1480 – †1536)

Lemmckenn, Georg (fl. 1539)

Leoman, Jan see Lehmann, Johann

Leopoldi, Fabianus see Ludicke, Fabianus

Leopoldi, Gregorius see Ludicke, Gregorius

LEWEN Jacob, cook of

Lewen, Jacob · See also → cook of Jacob LEWEN

Lewschs see Loitzs

Leyva, Antonio de see Leiva, Antonio de

Libenau priest in

Linde, Niklas von der see Linde, Nikolaus von der

Linde, Nikolaus von der (Niklas von der Linde) (†after 1563)

Lisemannus, Casparus see Lysman, Kaspar

Lismanin, Gertrud (Lysmanova)

Liszeman, Kaspar see Lysman, Kaspar

Livonia Citizens of

Logschau, Georg von (Georg von Loxau, Georgius Loxanus) (†ca. 1551)· See also → wife of Georg von LOGSCHAU

Lohendorff, Albrecht von

Lohmoller, Johann see Lohmüller, Johann

Lohmüller, Johann (Johann Lomoller, Johann Lohmoller)

Loitzs (Lewschs)

Lomoller, Johann see Lohmüller, Johann

Lord of Beveren see Adolf of Burgundy

Louis II Jagiellon (*1506 – †1526)

Loxanus, Georgius see Logschau, Georg von

Loxau, Georg von see Logschau, Georg von

Lubodzieski, Jan (*ca. 1523 – †1562)


Ludicke, Fabianus (Fabianus Ludike, Fabianus Lutke, Fabianus Leopoldi)

Ludicke, Gregorius (Gregorius Ludike, Gregorius Lutke, Gregorius Leopoldi)

Ludicke, Hans (Hans Ludke)

Ludike, Fabianus see Ludicke, Fabianus

Ludike, Gregorius see Ludicke, Gregorius

Ludke, Hans see Ludicke, Hans

Ludovicus, secretary of Stanisław KOSTKA

Ludwig V von Wittelsbach (Ludwig von der Pfalz) (*1478 – †1544)

Ludwig von der Pfalz see Ludwig V von Wittelsbach

Ludwig X von Wittelsbach (*1495 – †1545)

LUSIAN Johann von, wife of

LUSIAN Martin von, wife of

Lusian, Albrecht von (Wojciech Luzjański)

Lusian, Johann von (Jan Luzjański) (*before 1470 – †1551)· See also → wife of Johann von LUSIAN

Lusian, Martin von (Marcin Luzjański)· See also → wife of Martin von LUSIAN

Luther, Martin (Martinus Lutherus) (*1483 – †1546)

Lutherus, Martinus see Luther, Martin

Lutke, Fabianus see Ludicke, Fabianus

Lutke, Gregorius see Ludicke, Gregorius

Luxembourg · → Venceslaus IV Luxembourg

Luzjański, Jan see Lusian, Johann von

Luzjański, Marcin see Lusian, Martin von

Luzjański, Wojciech see Lusian, Albrecht von

Lyckofeth see Reisen, Peter Likefeth

Lysman, Kaspar (Kaspar Liszeman, Casparus Lisemannus) (†after 1547-05-20)

Lysmanova see Lismanin, Gertrud

Łaski, Hieronim (Jarosław Łaski, Hieronymus de Lasco) (*1496 – †1541)

Łaski, Jarosław see Łaski, Hieronim

Łukasz of Górka see Górka, Łukasz

Löbau Citizens of

Löbau, Town Council

Löbau, town court

Lübeck Citizens of

Maciej see Matthias

Maciejowski, Samuel (*1499 – †1550)· See also → messenger of Samuel MACIEJOWSKI, → Baptista, servant of Samuel MACIEJOWSKI

Maciejowski, Stanisław (†1563)

Macz see Klein Macz

Magni, Ioannes see Magnus, Ioannes

Magni, Olaus see Magnus, Olaus

Magnus, Ioannes (Ioannes Store, Jöns Månsson, Ioannes Magni) (*1488 – †1544)

Magnus, Olaus (Olof Månsson, Olaus Magni) (*1490 – †1557)


Malden, Felix von see Allen, Felix von

Malmspach · → Jobst HALLER von Malmspach

MANDT Georg, first wife of (†1546?)

MANDT Georg, second wife of

Mandt, Georg (†after 1547)· See also → second wife of Georg MANDT, → first wife of Georg MANDT

Mandt, Johann

Mandt, Katarina see Schewecken, Katarina

Manholt (fl. 1533)

Manteuffel, Erasmus von (*ca. 1475 – †1544)

Marck, Eberhard de la see Marck, Erard de la

Marck, Erard de la (d' Arenberg, Eberhard de la Marck) (*1472 – †1538)

Margaret of Austria (Margarete von Habsburg) (*1480 – †1530)

Margarete, widow of Caspar SCHILLING

Margarete von Habsburg see Margaret of Austria

Marianus, Ioannes Ursus (†after 1536-07-29)

Marienburg Citizens of

Marienburg, Town Council

MARQUART Fabian, daughter of

Marquart, Fabian · See also → daughter of Fabian MARQUART

Martinuzzi, Georg see Utješenović, Georg

Mary see Virgin Mary

Mary of Austria see Mary of Hungary

Mary of Habsburg see Mary of Hungary

Mary of Hungary (Mary of Austria, Mary of Habsburg) (*1505 – †1558)· See also → MLECZKO, courtier of Mary of Hungary

Mathis, secretary of Ioannes DANTISCUS (fl. 1543)

Matthias, Abbot of the Cistercian monastery in Koronowo

Matthias (Maciej) (†1536)

Matts, sołtys in Partęczyny

Mauritius (Moritz)

Maximilian I of Habsburg (*1459 – †1519)

Mecklenburg · → Albrecht VII of Mecklenburg


Mehlsack, Town Council

Mei, Siluester

Melanchthon, Philipp (Philipp Schwartzerd) (*1497 – †1560)

Melcher, burgher to Soldau

Melletkeym, Gregor

Merklichenrade, Helena see Zehmen, Helene von

Mersman, Erbert

Mersman, Paul

Methbrewer, Mertten

Methusalem see Methusalem


Meuting, Sibilla (*1513 – †1588)

Meuting, Ursula

Meycke, Jakob

Meycke, Macz

Meycke, Michel

Mełdzyński, Feliks see Allen, Felix von

Mełdzyński, Łukasz see Allen, Lukas von


Michael von Selislau see Żelisławski, Michał

Mikołaj of Gawartowa Wola see Wolski, Mikołaj

Mleczko, courtier of Mary of Hungary

Moller, Nickel

Monroy e Pizarro · → Hernán CORTÉS de Monroy e Pizarro

Montfort-Rothenfels · → Johann II of Montfort-Rothenfels

Montfort-Rothenfels, Wolfgang von

Moritz see Mauritius

Moritz of Saxony (Moritz von Wettin) (*1521 – †1553)

Moritz von Wettin see Moritz of Saxony

Mortangen, Ludwig von (Ludwik Mortęski) (†1539)· See also → daughter of Ludwig von MORTANGEN

Mortęski, Ludwik see Mortangen, Ludwig von

Mosci see Muscovites

Moscovians see Muscovites

Mucker, Hans

Munckenpeck, Caspar

Munckenpeck, Melchior

Muscovites (Moscovians, Mosci)

Månsson, Jöns see Magnus, Ioannes

Månsson, Olof see Magnus, Olaus

Möller, Georg see Möllner, Georg

Möllner, Georg (Georg Möller, Jurgen Möllner) (*ca. 1495 – †1551)

Möllner, Jurgen see Möllner, Georg

Mülich, Georg

Mąkolin · → Maciej KALECKI of Mąkolin

Nase, N.

Nassau-Breda · → Hendrik III of Nassau-Breda

Nathaft, Wolf (Wolf Nothaft) (†1553)

Navarre · → Joanne d'Albret de Navarre

Nazareth · → Jesus of Nazareth

Nebling, Georg von (Eblinger)


Newe · → Peter von der Newe

NIBSCHITZ Nikolaus, sister of; mother of Franz SCHIER

Nibschitz, Martinus (Marcin Nipszyc) (†after 1545)· See also → father of Martinus NIBSCHITZ

Nibschitz, Nikolaus (Mikołaj Nipszyc) (*ca. 1483 – †1541)· See also → sister of Nikolaus NIBSCHITZ; mother of Franz SCHIER

Nimbsch, Hans see Nimptsch, Hans

Nimptsch, Hans (Hans Nymecz, Hans Nimbsch) (*ca. 1476 – †1556)

Nipszyc, Marcin see Nibschitz, Martinus

Nipszyc, Mikołaj see Nibschitz, Nikolaus

Nitsch, Nicolaus (†before 1547-08-25)· See also → Dorothea, wife of Nicolaus NITSCH

Nitzschman, Albrecht

Nortman, Lorencz

Nothaft, Wolf see Nathaft, Wolf

Notzing · → Bartholomeus SCHRENCK von Notzing

Nowe Miasto Citizens of

Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, priest in

Nuremberg Citizens of

Nymecz, Hans see Nimptsch, Hans

Odrowąż, Stanisław (*1509 – †1545)

of Brandenburg-Kulmbach see Albrecht II Alcibiades

Oldenburg · → Dorothea von Oldenburg

Oldenburg · → Christian III of Oldenburg

Oldenburg · → Christian II of Oldenburg

Oldenburg · → Christina of Denmark

Oldenburg, Christoph von (*1504 – †1566)

Oliwa Citizens of

Oomkens, Balthasar von Esens ( Juncker Baltzer) (*1490 – †1540)

Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem see Teutonic Order

Ordo domus Sanctae Mariae Theutonicorum Hierosolymitanorum see Teutonic Order

Oria, Andrea D' see Doria, Andrea


Osenborn, Thewes

Osieczkowski, Krzysztof · See also → wife of Krzysztof OSIECZKOWSKI, → OSIECZKOWSKI, father of Krzysztof OSIECZKOWSKI

Osterreicher, Marten

Ottheinrich of Palatinate-Neuburg (Ottheinrich von der Pfalz) (*1502 – †1559)

Ottheinrich von der Pfalz see Ottheinrich of Palatinate-Neuburg

Ottingshausen, Hans

Ottoman Turks (Turcae, Turks)

Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso) (*43 BC – †17 or 18 AD)

Ovidius, Publius Naso see Ovid

Ölsnitz · → Friedrich von der Ölsnitz

Packuss, Hans

Palatinate-Neuburg · → Ottheinrich of Palatinate-Neuburg

Papuschka, Peter (Psit(t)acus, Papuske)

Papuske see Papuschka, Peter

PASEK Paul, father of

Pasek, Paul · See also → father of Paul PASEK

Pasold, Paul see Fasolt, Paul

Paul III (Alessandro Farnese) (*1468 – †1549)


Peckau, Anna (Anna Konopacka)

Pecken, Herman (†before 1547-05)· See also → Catharina, wife of Herman PECKEN

Pelplin Citizens of

Peltzer, Andrea

Perrenot, Nicolas de Granvelle (*1484 – †1550)

Perényi, Péter (*1502 – †1548)

Peter (fl. 1533)

Peter von der Newe


Petru IV Raresh (Petrylo) (*ca. 1487 – †1546)

Petrylo see Petru IV Raresh

Pfalz · → Ottheinrich of Palatinate-Neuburg

Pfalz · → Ludwig V von Wittelsbach

Phassolth, Paul see Fasolt, Paul

Philip I of Hesse der Großmütige (*1504 – †1567)

PLATEN Mathias, wife of

Platen, Mathias · See also → wife of Mathias PLATEN

Plement, Georg von see Plemięcki, Jerzy

Plemięcki, Jerzy (Georg von Plement, Georgius a Clementh) (*before 1490 – †after 1544)

Podlodowski, Stanislaus Lupa

Poland Diet of

Poland Inhabitants of

Poland Royal Council of


Polentz, Georg von (*1478 – †1550)

Portugal · → Isabella of Portugal

Potritten, Philip von

Praet · → Louis of FLANDERS Lord of Praet

Praet · → Louis of FLANDERS Lord of Praet

Praet, Lodewijk van see Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet

Pram, Hans

Pratensis see Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet

Prato see Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet

Prato see Flanders, Louis of Lord of Praet

Preden, Hans see Breden, Johann

Preuck, Georg von see Preucken, Georg von

Preucken, Georg von (Georg von Pröck, Georg von Proyken, Georg von Preuck) (†1549)· See also → wife of Georg von PREUCKEN

Promnica, Baltazar of see Promnitz, Balthasar von

Promnitz, Balthasar von (Baltazar of Promnica) (*1488 – †1562)

Proyken, Georg von see Preucken, Georg von


Pröck, Georg von see Preucken, Georg von

Psit(t)acus see Papuschka, Peter

Pusch, Hans

Płotowski, Mikołaj (†after 1548-07-27)· See also → wife of Mikołaj PŁOTOWSKI,

Płotowski, Paweł (*ca. 1485 – †1547)

Płowieński, Mikołaj

Rab, Michel

Rabenn, Georg

Rabenwalt, Jorg

Raphael von Konopat see Konopacki, Rafał

Raresh · → Petru IV Raresh

Rastig, Hans

Raussch, Hans

Rawske, Heincz von

Rechenbergk, Melchior

Reden, Teodoryk see Rheden, Dietrich von

Reich, Felix (*ca. 1475 – †1539)

Reichskammergericht see Imperial Chamber Court

Reichstag see Imperial Diet

Reisen, Peter Likefeth ( Lyckofeth) (fl. 1537-1547)

Reisen, Ursule

Republic of Venice Citizens of the

Res, Heinrich von (†1532)

Reyman, Absalom (†after 1550-08-03)

Reyneck, Anna see Höfen, Anna von

Reyneck, Johann (†1535)

Rheden, Dietrich von (Teodoryk Reden) (*1492 – †1556)

Rickegarben, Catarina

Rickegarben, Heinrich

Rincon, Antonius (†1541)

Rippen, Cristoff (fl. 1538)

Rogendorf, Wilhelm von (Wilhelm von Roggendorf) (*1481 – †1541)

Roggendorf, Wilhelm von see Rogendorf, Wilhelm von

Rokoss, Iacobus (Jakub Rokusz) (†1534-1536)

Rokusz, Jakub see Rokoss, Iacobus

Roman Catholic Church · See also → ecclesiastical judges of Roman Catholic Church, , , → Universal Council of Roman Catholic Church

Rosenthal · → Barthel SCHOLCZ of Rosenthal

Rossen, Otto von

ROTERMUNDT Hans, daughter of

Rotermundt, Hans · See also → daughter of Hans ROTERMUNDT

Roterodamus, Desiderius Erasmus see Erasmus of Rotterdam

Rotterdam · → Erasmus of Rotterdam

Royal Prussia Council of

Royal Prussia Inhabitants of

Royal Prussia Nobility of

Royal Prussia Provincial Diet of

Royal Prussian Estates

Rulandt, Valentinus

RUNAW Jorg von Hochenwalde, wife of

Runaw, Jorg von Hochenwalde · See also → wife of Jorg RUNAW von Hochenwalde

Rupert, Wolfgang see Rupricht, Wolf

Rupold see Rupoldus, Ioannes

Rupoldus, Ioannes (Rupold) (†1544)

Rupricht, Wolf (Wolfgang Rupert)

Rössel, Town Council

Rössel, Town Court

Sabinus, Georgius (Georg Schuler) (*1508 – †1560)

Sachsse, Donatus

Sack, Bartell

Sack, Georg see Sagk, Georg

Sagk, Georg (Georg Sack) (†after 1547-08-22)

Sailer, Hieronymus (Hieronymus Seiler, Hieronymus Sayler) (*1495 – †1559)

SAMIŃSKI Paweł, wife of

Samiński, Paweł (†before 1539-07-21)· See also → wife of Paweł SAMIŃSKI

Sassenkerle, Godschalk see Ericksen, Godschalk

Saxocarolus, Godscalcus see Ericksen, Godschalk

Saxony · → Georg of Saxony der Bärtige

Saxony · → Moritz of Saxony

Sayler, Hieronymus see Sailer, Hieronymus


Scepperus, Cornelius see De Schepper, Cornelis

Schacht, Thewes

Schaln..., Ben? von der

Schedelen, Christoff von

Scheffke, Georg see Schewecke, Georg

Scheffke, Johann see Schewecke, Johann Jr

Schelling, Caspar see Schilling, Caspar

Schevecke, Johann see Schewecke, Johann Jr

Schewcke, Georg see Schewecke, Georg

Schewecke, Georg (Georg Scheffke, Georg Schyffke, Georg Schewcke) (*1491 – †1547)· See also

Schewecke, Jakob

Schewecke, Johann Jr (Johann Scheffke, Johann Schevecke, Johann Schewek)

Schewecken, Katarina (Katarina Mandt)

Schewek, Johann see Schewecke, Johann Jr

Schewwesst, Georg see Schewwesst, Georg

Schewwesst, Georg

Schier, Franz (Franciszek Sielecki)· See also → sister of Nikolaus NIBSCHITZ; mother of Franz SCHIER

Schilling, Caspar (Caspar Schelling) (*ca. 1480 – †before 1525-02-06?)· See also , , → Margarete, widow of Caspar SCHILLING

Schippenbeil, town court

Schier, Franz (Franciszek Sielecki)· See also → sister of Nikolaus NIBSCHITZ; mother of Franz SCHIER

Schissenteuber, Peter (†1561)· See also → Catrina, daughter of Peter SCHISSENTEUBER

Schissenteuber, Thewes

Schmidt, Francz

Scholcz, Barthel of Grabau

Scholcz, Barthel of Rosenthal

Scholcz, Christine see Schultze, Christine

Scholtcze see Sculteti, Alexander

Schonau, Michael see Schöne, Michael

Schonraden, Hans

Schonradenn, Lorentz

Schonwalt, Gregor

Schrenck, Bartholomeus von Notzing (*1508 – †1576)· See also

Schroter, Jakub

Schuler, Georg see Sabinus, Georgius

SCHULTES Bartell, sister of · See also → husband of sister of Bartell SCHULTES

SCHULTES Bartell, sister of, husband of

Schultes, Bartell · See also → sister of Bartell SCHULTES

SCHULTZ Georg, wife of

SCHULTZ Michael, wife of

Schultz, Georg (Jorg Schultz) (†after 1548)· See also → wife of Georg SCHULTZ

Schultz, Jorg see Schultz, Georg

Schultz, Michael · See also → wife of Michael SCHULTZ

Schultze, Christine (Christine Scholcz) (†1539)

Schutzbar, Wolfgang Milching (*1483 – †1566)

Schwartzerd, Philipp see Melanchthon, Philipp

Schwarzenberg, Hanna see Czerna, Hanna

Schwoger, Jakob (Iacobus Socer) (†1543)

Schyffke, Georg see Schewecke, Georg

Schöne, Michael (Michael Schonau) (†1543)


SCULTETI Alexander, concubine of

Sculteti, Alexander (Scholtcze) (*ca. 1485 – †1570)· See also → messenger of Alexander SCULTETI, → children of Alexander SCULTETI, → Servant of Alexander SCULTETI, → concubine of Alexander SCULTETI

Sedes Apostolica see Holy See

Seiler, Hieronymus see Sailer, Hieronymus

Seitz, Caspar

Selislau · → Michał ŻELISŁAWSKI

Senger, Bartholomeus Jr

Seredi, Caspar

Sergitten, Hans

Seweidenn inhabitants of

Seymour, Jane (*1508 – †1537)

Sforza · → Bona Sforza

Sforza · → Francesco II Sforza

Sielecki, Franciszek see Schier, Franz

Sigismund I Jagiellon (Zygmunt I) (*1467 – †1548)· See also → servant (cubicularius) of Sigismund I Jagiellon, → envoy of Sigismund I Jagiellon

Sigismund II Augustus Jagiellon (Zygmunt II August) (*1520 – †1572)· See also → envoy of Sigismund II Augustus Jagiellon

Simon, painter in Löbau · See also → wife of Simon, painter in Löbau

Simon, painter in Löbau, wife of

SLICK Quirinus, wife of

Slick, Quirinus · See also → wife of Quirinus SLICK

Sneider, Clement

Snopek, Paweł (*after 1480 – †1554)

Sobieńska, Anna (†1539)

Sobieński · → Piotr KMITA Sobieński

Sobocki, Tomasz (*ca. 1508 – †1547)

Socer, Iacobus see Schwoger, Jakob

SOKOLNICZKI Lenard, brother of

Sokolniczki, Lenard · See also → brother of Lenard SOKOLNICZKI

Sokołowski see Srzeński, Feliks (Szczęsny)

Sokołowski, Jan (Jan of Wrząca) (†1546)· See also → messenger of Jan SOKOŁOWSKI

Sokołowski, Stanisław of Wrząca Wielka

Soldau, Town Council


Sommer, Merten (†after 1534)

Soter see Heyll, Christoph

Spiegel, Jacob (*1483 – †1547)

SRZEŃSKI Feliks (Szczęsny), sister of

Srzeński, Feliks (Szczęsny) (Sokołowski, Szreński) (*1502 – †1554)· See also → sister of Feliks (Szczęsny) SRZEŃSKI, → SLONSKY, servant of Feliks (Szczęsny) SRZEŃSKI

STADENN Cornelius von, wife of

Stadenn, Cornelius von · See also → wife of Cornelius von STADENN

Stang, Felix see Allen, Felix von

Staroźrebski, Aleksander

Starzechowski, Wojciech

Stegman, Heinrich (†before 1544)· See also → Brigitta, wife of Heinrich STEGMAN

Stobius, Andreas (†1541)· See also

Stolle, Jacob

Store, Ioannes see Magnus, Ioannes

Storm, Ambrosius (Ambroży Storm)

Storm, Ambroży see Storm, Ambrosius

STRAUBING Hans, daughter of

STRAUBING Hans, son of

STRAUBING Hans, wife of

Straubing, Hans · See also → wife of Hans STRAUBING, → daughter of Hans STRAUBING, → son of Hans STRAUBING

Straus, Jacob (fl. 1542)

Suleiman the Magnificent (Turca) (*1494 – †1566)

Syelenburger, Paulus

Szapolyai · → John II Sigismund Zápolya

Szreński see Srzeński, Feliks (Szczęsny)

Sąd Kameralny Rzeszy see Imperial Chamber Court

Służewski, Piotr (†1550)

Tarnowski, Jan (*1488 – †1561)

Tarło, Gabriel (†1565)


Tautenberg, Carolus de · See also , → De BAILLIEUL, mother of Carolus de TAUTENBERG

Tettau, Eberhard von (*ca. 1490 – †1566)

Teutonic Order (Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem, Ordo domus Sanctae Mariae Theutonicorum Hierosolymitanorum)

Thawben, Christoff

Theophilus of Bartenstein

Thomas, goldsmith

Thomas of Bydgoszcz (†after 1539-04-25)

Thorn, Town Council · See also → Anthonius, servant of Thorn Town Council, → Envoy of Thorn Town Council

Thorn, town court

Thurzó, Alexius (*ca. 1490 – †1543)

Tideman, Hans

Tideman, Lorentz

Tomicki, Piotr (*1464 – †1535)· See also → Martinus, servant of Piotr TOMICKI

Trebnis, Mathias

Treger, Friedrich

Treger, Heinrich (†after 13 April 1543)· See also → wife of Heinrich TREGER

Treger, Severin

Trenck, Achatius (Achatius Trencka) (†1551)

Trencka, Achatius see Trenck, Achatius

Tresler, Ioannes (Dreszler, Triesler) (†after 1548)

Triesler see Tresler, Ioannes

Trosczin · → Jakob GLASNOTZKY

TRUCHSESS Wilhelm, wife of

Truchsess, Wilhelm (*1470 – †1557)· See also → wife of Wilhelm TRUCHSESS

Trusczyn · → Jakob GLASNOTZKY

Tucher, Lazarus (*1491 – †1563)

Tudor · → Henry VIII Tudor

Turca see Suleiman the Magnificent

Turcae see Ottoman Turks

Turks see Ottoman Turks

Tymmermann, Johann (Johann Zimmermann) (*1492 – †1564)

Ulrich, Urbanus see Ulrici, Urbanus

Ulrici, Urbanus (Urbanus Ulrich) (†1543/1544)

Ungerman, Hans

Urban · See also → wife of URBAN

URBAN, wife of

Utješenović, Georg (Georg Martinuzzi, frater Georgius) (*1482 – †1551)· See also → The Georgiani, supporters of Georg UTJEŠENOVIĆ


Valois · → Francis I of Valois

Valois · → Francis III of Valois

Valois · → Henry II of Valois

Varschoviensis, Ioannes see Höfen, Johann von

Vasa · → Gustav I Vasa

Vaschollt, Paul see Fasolt, Paul

Vasilyevich · → Ivan IV Vasilyevich the Terrible

Vechlin, Hans

Venceslaus IV Luxembourg (*1361 – †1419)

Vicelius see Witzel, Georg

Vietor, Hieronymus (Hieronymus Büttner) (*1480 – †1546/1547)

Virgin Mary (Mary)

Vogt, Bartholomeus (Bartholomeus Voigt, Bartholomeus Voit)

Voigt, Bartholomeus see Vogt, Bartholomeus

Voit, Bartholomeus see Vogt, Bartholomeus

Várdai, Pavol (*1483 – †1549)


Wachsschlagerin, Anna (Anna Woszczkowa) (†before 1547-03)

Wantgau, Christoph von (Krzysztof Wątkowski)

Warten see Barthen, Jakob von

Wartenberg, Sebald

Wartenbergsche, Barbara

Wartenburg, Town Council

Wawrzyniec see Laurentius

Welser, Bartholomäus (*1488 – †1561)

Welser, Felicitas (*1513 – †1569)

Welsers · See also → Andreas, factor of The WELSERS, → The Agents of The WELSERS


WERDEN Johann von, Daughter of

WERDEN Johann von, wife of

Werden, Johann von (Constellatus, cf. HE, No. 148, p. 150, footnote No. 12) (*1495 – †1554)· See also → wife of Johann von WERDEN, → Daughter of Johann von WERDEN

WERNAW Hans, wife of

Wernaw, Hans · See also → wife of Hans WERNAW

WERNER Franz, wife of

Werner, Anthoni · See also → Barbara, wife of Anthoni WERNER

Werner, Franz · See also → wife of Franz WERNER

Wersfelt, Ludwig

Wettin · → Johann Friedrich der Großmütige

Wettin · → Friedrich III von Wettin

Wettin · → Moritz of Saxony

Wetzel, Georg see Witzel, Georg

Weze, Johan (*1490 – †1548)

Wicelius see Witzel, Georg

Wieczfiński, Jan (†1535)

Wied, Hermann von (*1477 – †1552)

Wildenberg · → Hieronymus AURIMONTANUS

Wilhelm IV von Wittelsbach (*1493 – †1550)

Wilhelm of Jülich-Cleves-Berg see Wilhelm V Der Reiche

Wilhelm V Der Reiche (Wilhelm of Jülich-Cleves-Berg, William I of Cleves, William V of Jülich-Berg) (*1516 – †1592)

Wilhelm von Hohenzollern (*1498 – †1563)

William I of Cleves see Wilhelm V Der Reiche

William V of Jülich-Berg see Wilhelm V Der Reiche

Winkeler, Hans (†before 1543-11-09)· See also → Caterina, wife of Hans WINKELER

Winkerer, Caspar (†before 1537)

Witowice, Hanna of see Czerna, Hanna

Wittelsbach · → Friedrich II of Wittelsbach der Weise

Wittelsbach · → Ludwig X von Wittelsbach

Wittelsbach · → Wilhelm IV von Wittelsbach

Wittelsbach · → Ludwig V von Wittelsbach

Witzel, Georg (Georg Wetzel, Vicelius, Wicelius) (*1501 – †1573)

Wojanow, Fabianus de see Wojanowski, Fabian

Wojanow, Michał de see Wojanowski, Michał

Wojanow, Wojciech de see Wojanowski, Wojciech

Wojanowski, Fabian (Fabian of Dąbrówka, Fabian Damerau, Fabianus de Wojanow) (†1540)

Wojanowski, Michał see Wojanowski, Michał

Wojanowski, Petrus

Wojanowski, Wojciech (Wojciech de Wojanow, Wojciech Damerau, Wojciech of Dąbrówka)

Wolder, Simon (†after 1558)

Wolski, cubicularius

Wolski, Marcin, coat-of-arms Półkozic (†1548)

Wolski, Mikołaj (Mikołaj of Gawartowa Wola) (†1548)

Wolski, Paweł see Dunin-Wolski, Paweł

Wormditt, Town Council

Woszczkowa, Anna see Wachsschlagerin, Anna

Wrocław, Town Council

Wrząca Wielka · → Stanisław SOKOŁOWSKI of Wrząca Wielka

Wrząca, Jan of see Sokołowski, Jan

Württemberg · → Christoph von Württemberg

Württemberg nobility of

Wątkowski, Krzysztof see Wantgau, Christoph von

Włoszek, Stanisław (Stanislaus de Zaccaria)

Zaccaria, Stanislaus de see Włoszek, Stanisław

Zbąski, Stanisław

ZCWYKOFF Hans, wife of

Zebrzydowski, Andrzej (*1496 – †1560)

Zehmen, Achatius von (Achacy Cema, Achatius Czeme) (*ca. 1485 – †1565)· See also → Hieronimus, scribe of Achatius von ZEHMEN, → messenger of Achatius von ZEHMEN

Zehmen, Christoph von (Krzysztof Cema, Christophorus a Czeme)

Zehmen, Fabian von (Fabian Cema) (†1580)

Zehmen, Helene von (Helena Cema, Helena Merklichenrade) (†after 1547)

Zehmen, Martin von (Marcin Cema) (†ca. 1542)

Zimmermann, Johann see Tymmermann, Johann

Zipser, Stanisław see Cypser, Stanisław

Zofia Jagiellonka (*1464 – †1512)

Zwiekopf, Hans (†1537)· See also → wife of Hans ZCWYKOFF

Zygmunt I see Sigismund I Jagiellon

Zygmunt II August see Sigismund II Augustus Jagiellon

Zápolya · → John II Sigismund Zápolya

İbrahim Pasha (*ca. 1493 – †1536)

Żelisławski, Michał (Michael von Selislau) (†1547)· See also → wife of Michał ŻELISŁAWSKI

Żelisławski, Michał, wife of