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Letter #1440

Matthias, Abbot of the Cistercian monastery in Koronowo to Ioannes DANTISCUS
Wudzynek, 1536-04-20

English register: He apologizes for delaying his visit and says he will come next Tuesday or Thursday; he promises to describe in detail the death of [the guardian of the Franciscans in Kulm] Reverend Matthias; the reason for his having been buried before the arrival of master Płutowski (Płotowski?) is the body’s rapid decomposition; he makes an excuse for sealing the letter with Płutowski’s signet — he was at the farm at the time and did not have his own signet with him, but he wrote the letter himself.
            received [1536]-04-20

Manuscript sources:
1fair copy in Polish, autograph, AAWO, AB, D. 4, f. 71

Auxiliary sources:
1register in Polish, 20th-century, B. PAU-PAN, 8248 (TK 10), f. 207

1Listy polskie 1 No. 47, p. 108-109 (in extenso)
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