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Letter #1591

Löbau (Lubawa), 1537-03-16

English register: Dantiscus thanks Latalski for the magnanimity he displayed at the Diet in Cracow and earlier. He asks for help in getting the Polish king to intercede with the Danish king, and with the Prussian prince (Albrecht), on behalf of the bishops imprisoned by the Danish monarch. He expresses his fear that the Polish king, to whom the Danish ruler owes his crown to a certain extent, will be perceived as the indirect instigator of the persecution of the Catholic clergy. Dantiscus is also appealing to the Polish episcopate and to the king for financial support for the three bishops living in exile in Gdańsk (Ioannes Magnus, Hans Brask and Magnus Haraldsson). Once again he recommends to Latalski’s care Georg Hegel, factor of the Fuggers in Cracow, asking Latalski to oppose the slander aimed at Hegel.

Manuscript sources:
1rough draft in Latin, autograph, BCz, 244, p. 204 (t.p.)

Auxiliary sources:
1register in Latin, Polish, 20th-century, B. PAU-PAN, 8248 (TK 10), f. 413

1CEID 1/1 No. 19, p. 188-190 (in extenso; English register)
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