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Letter #2940

London, 1546-03-24

English register:

De Schepper apologises for using a soiled sheet of paper. He had no other paper on hand but did not want to lose the opportunity to write a letter. He summarises his previous letter, sent last winter from London. He was in England on a mission on the Emperor's [Charles V] behalf at the time, soliciting a peace treaty between the Kings of England [Henry VIII] and France [Francis I].

He reports that both Kings sent envoys to the Emperor in November [1545], but no settlement was reached and the war continues. De Schepper has been to London four times in connection with this matter but has achieved little. He complains of the season, not a good one for travel.

De Schepper asks for news. He has long had no letter from Dantiscus and fears for his health.

He reports that the affairs of the Emperor are not threatened. If peace is not achieved in Germany, the Emperor will prove that he is worthy of his office. Many apostates are trying to overthrow the existing order, but Luther, their leader, died recently. De Schepper wishes a similar fate upon all his followers. He fears that Poland will also not stay free of Lutheran influences for long. He expects the summer to be turbulent.

Contrary to earlier fears, the Council of Trent is debating successfully, but has yet to decide whether to deal with dogmatic or moral issues first.

Nothing has changed in De Schepper's private affairs. His wife [Elisabeth Donche], with whom he has a son [Cornelis jr.] and a daughter [Anne], is still alive. De Schepper's stepdaughter [Catharina Laurijn] already has two children. One of his stepsons [Matthias Laurijn], having recovered from wounds incurred during the battle of Kempekoel (in proelio Sittardiensi), accompanied imperial envoy Gerard Veltwijck to Constantinople. Veltwijck left him there ailing and there has been no further news of him. The other stepson is fine.

De Schepper extends greetings to Dantiscus from the imperial envoy in England, Francis van der Dilft.

            received Marienburg (Malbork), 1546-05-09

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