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Letter #377

Ioannes DANTISCUS to Mercurino Arborio di GATTINARA
Paredes de Nava, 1527-10-07

English register:

Dantiscus asks Gattinara to forgive him for not accompanying him during his official arrival to Palencia three days before. It was due to the ban issued by the emperor [caused by the danger of the plague]. The Polish envoy observed the chancellor’s arrival from afar and felt like a proscribed exile. He thinks the emperor’s ban is unfair and unjustified, and views it as a slight on the ruler he represents as an envoy. He wonders if it is he who has lost the emperor’s favor for some unknown reason, or if Charles V no longer considers the king of Poland his friend even though the king recently signed a treaty with the emperor’s brother [Archduke Ferdinand].

Dantiscus is happy that the chancellor was well received by the emperor and the court milieu, but warns him not to trust flatterers too much. He hopes the emperor will act more sensibly than he has before. He regrets he was not present during Gattinara’s witty conversation with Lalemand about beards being an attribute of good people.

He asks for information when the emperor plans to leave Palencia. He asks if he will be allowed to follow the court.

Manuscript sources:
1rough draft in Latin, autograph, AAWO, AB, D. 66, f. 153r
2copy in Latin, 20th-century, B. PAU-PAN, 8241 (TK 3), a.1527, f. 47-48

1CEID 2/3 (Supplement Letter No. 79) p. 310-312 (in extenso; English register; Polish register)
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