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Letter #3872

Heilsberg (Lidzbark Warmiński), [1539-08-01]

English register:

Dantiscus is not happy about Jan Sokołowski’s appointment to the Elbląg (Elbing) castellany. He thinks things would have taken a better turn if it had not been for the addressee’s illness.

Dantiscus appeals for Maciejowski to take care of his health and not take on too much of a burden in his recently assumed chancellor’s post. He is not surprised that his recommendation for the addressee was not effective. He thanks him for the promise of his support against people who slander him.

With reference to information sent earlier, Dantiscus offers a reminder about the ignoble way in which the bishop of Kulm (Chełmno) [Tiedemann Giese] was treated by certain fellow countrymen, and especially the voivode of Kulm [Johann von Lusian (Jan Luzjański)]. This matter has been recounted extensively to both the addressee and the King by Giese as well. Dantiscus asks for support on the matter. He advises that Giese has sent templates he would like to be used as the basis for the royal instructions for the next Diet [of Royal Prussia], the related petitions and the decree against the nobleman from Dobrzyń Land (Ziemia Dobrzyńska) [Moszczyński] who abducted a peasant with all his possessions from one of the villages in the bishopric.

In view of the recurrence of the plague in Kulm Land (Ziemia Chełmińska), Thorn (Toruń) and neighbouring towns, Dantiscus is not sure if the Diet will gather on St. Michael’s Day [September 29]. Rather, he expects the plague to escalate as a result of the ongoing market fairs in Gdańsk (Danzig). Even if the meeting place is changed to somewhere safer, the disease will be spread by the those involved in lawsuits who are coming to the assembly from infected areas.

Dantiscus asks Maciejowski to inform the King that he has accepted the Duke’s [Albrecht I von Hohenzollern-Ansbach’s] invitation to the wedding of the daughter of the Master of his court [Melchior von Kreytzen]. On this occasion, they are to discuss matters related to neighbourly relations. It would have been impolite for Dantiscus to refuse, but he is worried the trip will provoke further slander at the court.

Manuscript sources:
1office copy in Latin, in secretary's hand, AAWO, AB, D. 7, f. 100v-r(!)
2rough draft in Latin, autograph, AAWO, AB, D. 7, f. 100r
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