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Letter #5812

Juan de VALDÉS to Ioannes DANTISCUS
Bologna, 1533-01-12

English register:

Juan de Valdés offers Dantiscus his friendship and his services, asking that he accept him in this role of the successor to his late twin brother Alfonso. He considers establishing relations with the deceased man’s friends as part of his legacy. He mentions that Dantiscus made friends with Alfonso before the latter was employed at the imperial court. He emphasizes that Alfonso, who experienced kindness and friendship from Dantiscus, treated him with the great respect owed to an older and more experienced man (maior). He highlights his physical resemblance to his brother, modestly saying he might not equal him in the qualities of mind.

He guesses that Dantiscus might have written a text in memory of the deceased. If this is so, he asks to be sent the piece. This form of remembrance would alleviate somewhat his pain after his brother’s death.

Because he is going to visit the pope, he asks for any letters to be sent there. It will be an honor and a pleasure to serve as an intermediary in Dantiscus' buisness with the curia.

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