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Letter #760

Bruges, 1532-02-27

English register:

De Schepper is back in Bruges after a visit to Dantiscus in Antwerp. His attempts to get in touch with the Lord of Beveren [in connection with the payment of sums due to him by the treasury] remain without result so far. He asks Dantiscus to intercede for him with the Lord of Beveren. De Schepper will stay in Bruges to look after his affairs, until the arrival of the Lord of Beveren or the departure of Dantiscus calls him to Antwerp. He tries to convince Dantiscus that there is no reason to precipitate his departure and invites him to visit him in Bruges, where all Dantiscus’ acquaintances, and especially a “brave conqueror of the French” [Mark Laurijn], look forward to seeing him.

De Schepper's wife [Elisabeth Donche] and her sister [Joanna] recommend themselves to Dantiscus.

In the postscript De Schepper asks Dantiscus to convey the enclosed letter to the Lord of Beveren through his servant Michiel [de Vriendt]. The letter can be entrusted to a messenger from Antwerp to Bergen op Zoom, where the Lord of Beveren will attend the funeral of [Jan] van Bergen.

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